About Law Pools & Patio

Brent Law is the sole proprietor of Law Pools and Patio. He started out as a laborer where he spent 5 years learning the correct way to handle every step of pool and patio building from start to finish. Soon after, Brent became a working foreman, overseeing and training employees on every aspect of the job. As Brent’s experience and knowledge grew, he became a sub-contractor for 10 years before completely branching out into his own company.

Brent is licensed as an Alabama state general contractor with a total of 30 years experience in the pool and patio specialty. He is at every job site overseeing the process from start to finish and is passionate about having satisfied customers.

Testimonials from Our Satisfied Customers

Connie Ray

These are wonderful pools, can't hardly wait to get mine!

Lara Watts Burnett

This is the place I was telling you about! Awesome work!

Larry Beltran

I love your style.


Keith Hincey

That is one good looking pool!

Dana Maxwell

Love y'alls page!!! Doing a great job!!